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New Season 2010/11


Well training is well underway, so I guess we've started again!  So much has, and is, happening that we've put this all into a pre-season newsletter. This is attached as a downloadable document in the 'rules' section of the website ('club document library').  Enjoy.

Also on the website is the Club's Annual Report for last season (2009/10), giving a summary low down on our events both on and off the pitch. It's also a downloadable document, in the 'rules' section ('club document library')

Finally, there are amendments to the outdoor rules - these are on the 'rules' - 'rules and umpiring' page. Please read them.

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2010/11 News Headlines

23/05/2011 - Adult Awards 2010/11
08/05/2011 - Ladies Cup Victory
08/04/2011 - Junior Awards 2010/11
03/04/2011 - Ladies in National League
01/01/2011 - National Indoor Hockey
07/10/2010 - Indoor Training
05/10/2010 - EH Cup
16/09/2010 - The Season Starts!
09/09/2010 - Hockey World Cup
01/09/2010 - New Season 2010/11