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Maidstone Mens 6s

DateSaturday 19th November
ResultL 3-5
ScorersSimon Wood 2, Mick Emery

Early Start

Maidstone 5ths failed to adapt to the early push back, with some players needing 15 minutes to adjust to two very different styles of hockey. BBHC using the long ball found themselves 2 goals up before Maidstone settled into their usual passing game, and a deft deflection from Simon Wood pulled a goal back just before the break. A good attack on the left from Johnny Hill and James Goodbody won Maidstone’s first short corner, which skipper Mick Emery converted. The physical approach employed by BBHC made Maidstone’s youngsters fearful of making the challenges they would normally go for, giving BBHC more space to attack, which meant more work for Mark Gibbons in central defence. BBHC scored their third after a deflected through ball bounced off the post and into the path of their centre forward. With Maidstone pushing forward again, the long ball game employed by BBHC proved fruitful as they scored a further 2 goals. Maidstone who finished stronger scored again through Simon Wood, but this proved to be just a consolation. Maidstone can take heart from the fact that they played better hockey all game than BBHC, but they must learn to adapt to the older more physical style of playing.