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Maidstone Mens 1s
Purley Walcountians

DateSaturday 8th October
ResultL 0-6

Poor Maidstone Hit For Six

Maidstone 1st XI got soundly drubbed in their second Southern Premier Division 2 match of the season.
Maidstone started well and for a time were controlling the game, moving the ball smoothly around the defence. However Purley kept numbers behind the ball making it hard for Maidstone to break them down. Usually good on the counter Maidstone showed inexperience when faced with having to try and force the attack through a crowd of players. Conversely Purley were content to sit back, absorb the pressure and then move with pace on the break. They executed a well practiced counter after just 10 minutes which resulted in them going 1-0 up. This affected Maidstone more than it should have who were picked off a further 3 times in the half to go into the break 4-0 down.
Maidstone tried to relax after in the second half and rediscover the passing and movement which had yielded 10 goals in the last 3 games. Again they started much better and put some real pressure on the Purley D but still the final finish was missing. At the other end Purley kept up the pressure and were able to add 2 more to their tally. Though Maidstone were poor Purley played good hockey and delivered a well thought out game plan.