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Maidstone Ladies' 3s
Tunbridge Wells 3

DateSaturday 12th November
ResultL 3-4
ScorersBrogan Cummins 2, Meg Hersey

Nail Biting End

With a positive mentality, Maidstone Ladies played strong from the offset, quickly gaining a 2-1 lead against Tunbridge Wells. Before the half time whistle blew the first goal for Maidstone came from Brogan Cummins. After keen possession from the Maidstone team in the attacking D, with the ball being passed from player to player, Brogan Cummins finally received the ball to sweep it past the goal keeper into the corner of the goal. The second of the first half goals came from Maidstone’s Meg Hersey who took the ball up the left wing, ran into the D, around a handful of defenders to then create a space for herself where with a quick sweep, put Maidstone into the lead.


In the second half Tunbridge Wells had a quick turnaround in which they managed to score two more goals bringing the score to 3-2. Even with Tunbridge Wells’ change of pace within the game Maidstone’s Brogan Cummins received the ball from the quick, accurate passes which Kate Pomphrey and Helen Brown had been playing up the pitch towards Miss Cummins where she managed to receive the ball and with a clean hit from the top of the D managed to even the scoreboard to 3-3.


After an excellent play from Maidstone and a nail biting and thrilling game, it was clear that every team member had played their hardest up until the final whistle blew. Tunbridge Wells managed to get one last goal within minutes of the final whistle, to go on and finally beat Maidstone 4-3.